About TEA.L

DiversiTea. For Togetherness

TEA.L was founded on the principal of self care from all, for all, and that means diversity in the teas we use and the sense of togetherness we bring to our communities. Everyone deserves self care and every tea has a role in providing that care, regardless of how they are commonly labeled (yes, the tea and the people). And we encourage authenticity of the tea and respect its origin, and the same of our people.

TEA.L celebrates the teas that are usually neglected in the skincare world dominated by green tea, such as rooibos, guayusa and yerba mate, and embraces their unique qualities and benefits, and we hope people of all backgrounds get to experience them in their self care rituals.

TEA.L was made reality thanks to a group of diverse individuals who brought in their unique perspectives: LGBT, millennial immigrants, ethnic minority, and women. And we hope that translates to our products where we stay simple by eliminating any assumptions about who should use our products, and we’d love to hear from you on how we are doing on that.

Catch the interviews with our co-founders Zhao Lu and Ronald Taylor by the lovely teatoughts.com and tea-happiness.com