Bespoke skincare made with organic loose leaf teas

TEA.L promotes self care by integrating tea into skincare in its truest form: organic and loose leaf. Each tea has its name, origin and a self care ritual, not just a color category. Inspired by the world, crafted by tea enthusiasts and for an authentic you.


Built-from-scratch skin care products that are deeply infused with antioxidant rich organic loose-leaf tea and combined with the best natural oils and skin-loving extracts sourced from around the world.

Green Tea + Guayusa Face Care


Organic Dragonwell green tea infusion, organic Guayusa infusion, carrot seed oil, orchid extract, and rosehip oil. 30ml. All skin types.

Benefits: Youthening by defending against free radicals, repairing skin damage and stimulating growth of new skin cells.

How to use: Apply before sunscreen in the daytime as moisturizer, can be used as moisturizer or serum at night.  

Scent: Rich botanicals/herbal balanced with hints of fruity and floral.

Green Tea + Yerba Mate Eye Care


Organic Dragonwell infusion, organic Yerba Mate infusion, hyaluronic acid, and sea buckthorn fruit oil. 15ml.

Benefits: Reducing appearance of puffiness and improving firmness in the under-eye area.

How to useDispense a pea-sized drop onto your index finger. Dab a small amount under each eye and gentle smooth in.

Scent: Fresh berry balanced with the earthiness of green Pu-erh.

Green Tea + Rooibos Body Care


Organic Dragonwell infusion, organic Rooibos infusion, Kukui oil, cranberry seed oil and chamomile extract. 50ml. 

Benefits: Soothing and hydrating with relief from dry and itchy skin.

How to use: Daily use or after exposure to sun and other harsh weather conditions.

Scent: Earthy with light woodiness and natural sweetness.


TEA.L skin care products are crafted using brewed organic loose-leaf tea as a base. We then warm-infuse only the best oils and extracts with antioxidant-rich loose-leaf tea for several hours before combining to make a luxuriously affordable & effective self-care experience.

Our Philosophy

Going Clean

No Parabens

No Silicones

No Artificial Fragrances

No Artificial Colors

No Sulphates

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Our Ingredients

Our team crafted, tested, and recrafted each product until we found the right combination of organic teas, natural oils, powerful extracts, and necessary additives to make a product we love and use ourselves. And we believe you have the right to know EVERY ingredient used in our products, and why we chose to use them.

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We Support stop aapi hate

TEA.L pledges to donate 20% of our sales in 2021 to STOP AAPI HATE and help combat the rise of anti-Asian racism, xenophobia and violent crimes. We stand united with Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, our allies and our brothers and sisters who are victim of systematic discrimination and hate.